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Capital Projects Software, LLC Announces New Software Release For “CPPRT® V2” Capital Projects Planning & Reporting Tool. Click to view video below.
"Looking for assistance with Capital Projects Planning and Reporting? The RIC is now offering two new support tools, CapProSoft and F.A.S.T..."
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CapProSoft® develops web-based applications designed to meet the needs of NYS school districts and their reporting requirements. CapProSoft® tracks all aspects of capital projects financial reporting, including State Education Department Facilities Management forms, all project related expenses, borrowings and investments.  

the benefits to your district include:
  • timely filing for SED Building Aid Reimbursement
  • exception-based entries assuring that complete and accurate data is recorded on required forms
  • securely archived records
  • an audit trail and project history of the entire program
  • improved accountability and communication for all project team members
  • complete vendor record simplifying financial controls and preventing overpayment
  • easily accessible and orderly retrieval of information
  • fingertip access to consultant information
  • quality control and quality assurance
  • independence from architect’s and construction manager’s reports
  • eliminating the need to replicate data entries
  • user-friendly project reports available to Board of Education and administrative personnel
  • increased credibility to community members
  CapProSoft® products are supported as a CoSer by the Lower Hudson, Eastern Suffolk and Northeastern Regional Information Centers (BOCES).
  Please click the following link to read more about the partnership between the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center and CapProSoft®.
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  Capital Projects Planning & Reporting Tool (CPPRT)
puts you in control of your multi-faceted, multi-year, multi-contract, multi-million dollar capital improvement program. CPPRT Generates necessary SED forms and reports, institutes strong fiscal controls and creates a complete audit trail of all project expenses.

Facilities Assessment 
& Survey Tool (FAST)

Complete all SED mandated 
5-year planning requirements:
• School Facility Report Card
• Building Conditions Survey
• Evaluation of Existing Buildings


Capital Projects Software, LLC

629 Fifth Avenue, Pelham, NY 10803
tel. 914-381-4000 fax 914-347-0215

email: jmo@capprosoft.com

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